Supplements For Purchase

I am now offering my patients access to purchase “Designs for Health” brand supplements via my website. I decided to offer these products for multiple reasons. First and foremost is that many of my patients were asking me about the use of supplements for perioperative support, post-explant detoxification and general wellness and anti-aging. In the interest of pain management with fewer narcotics and early healing support, I have certainly recommended a variety of supplements in recent years. We do believe we are seeing less discomfort and faster healing with these strategies, but the question has often been “where can I purchase reliable products?”

There are many supplements available in the marketplace right now, and it’s very difficult for the consumer to know which ones are safe, effective and actually deliver on what they promise. Unfortunately, supplements are not FDA-regulated, making it more difficult to discern authenticity and quality.

I have learned that many functional medicine practices use the “Designs for Health” brand. This company offers an extensive portfolio of products that fit the goals I have for myself and for my patients. The company is very focused on education. The regional consultant is an excellent resource and is committed to helping us with any questions that might arise. Staff members here at my practice have been using some of their products during their health journeys and are very supportive of the brand. I have also tried several products with positive thoughts so far. The Vitamin D and K chocolates are quite tasty!

Another reason I stepped into this arena is the question of detoxification. As many of you know, I have been hesitant to recommend any specific protocol due to lack of knowledge and experience. Designs for Health offers detoxification kits that can be used as a gentle introduction to the process. However, I do still encourage evaluation and management with a practitioner of functional or naturopathic medicine for more complex, persistent issues. As I gain more knowledge through my affiliation with this company, I may be able to help you with these needs in the future.

Designs for Health products are research-driven, evidence-based and created with synergistic formulations offering meaningful quantities of therapeutic ingredients. The philosophy of the company is to follow scientific evidence rather than the latest trends, utilizing superior quality ingredients with proven efficacy for optimal results. It is a family-owned company that started in 1989 and has stayed committed to the integrity of its products, service and family values. Through that, it has established itself as the leading innovator and fastest-growing brand of high-quality nutritional supplements in the healthcare practitioner arena.

The Designs for Health line is offered exclusively to health care professionals and their patients. 

How to Place An Order

You can order any of the Designs for Health products here by simply clicking this link.